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Monday, September 22, 2014

Z Airport Parking's 5 Essentials for Flying

Every day, approximately 1.75 million people board a flight in the United States and each year, 40 percent of adult Americans fly internationally and domestically. These numbers reflect the steady trend that Americans are relying on air travel more than ever, for anything from a trip home for the holidays to a routine business meeting out of state. No matter the destination, if you’re one of the many taking to the skies this year, why not fly prepared to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible?  Catch up on ways to best be prepared for your next flight with Z Airport Parking’s top five essentials for flying.

A Carry-On
If your trip demands the use of a larger checked bag, you may consider a carry-on bag unnecessary. However, we see carry-ons as highly convenient and beneficial, particularly if you’re heading out for a long flight or are traveling with valuable possessions. Most airlines don’t charge any extra fee for a carry-on that meets size standards (typically 45 inches total when length, depth  and width are combined), and with a carry-on, you can ensure you’ll be both prepared and entertained for the duration of your trip. Plus, if packed wisely your carry-on could be a lifesaver in the case of a lost checked bag. 
Our top items for a carry-on include:
  •          Portable electronics for entertainment or work: tablet, smart phone, MP3 player
  •          Reading  materials: books, magazines
  •          Extra hygiene supplies (3.4 ounce maximum bottles of shampoo, contact solution,toothpaste, extra contacts)
  •          Medication (should be clearly labeled)
  •         Ear plugs, headphones, inflatable neck pillow (saves space when deflated)
  •          Necessary personal items: license, passport, wallet
  •         An extra set of clothes and small umbrella/rain coat

Research Options for Best Airport Parking
Rather than parking at the airport, consider the advantages of private, offsite parking. Near almost any airport fliers can find offsite parking options that accommodate long-term parking and often offer free shuttle service to terminals. Offsite parking is essential to consider if your trip will require long-term parking, in which case you’ll benefit from a parking service that is safe, reliable, and far more cost-effective. Look into coupons and loyalty programs among private parking services as well; for example, at Z Airport Parking at Bradley International Airport, we reward our loyal customers with free parking services every 7th day! We also allow companies to register for significant corporate discounts and will even clear your car of snow during the winter.  Click here for specific coupons for Bradley Airport Parking and click here to find parking coupons for other airports

Early Check-in
If you’d like to get the best seat possible on your flight, increase your odds by checking in with your airline a day early.  This doesn’t mean you need to show up at the airport beforehand; if you’ve purchased your ticket online or have a ticket confirmation number, chances are your airline allows passengers to check in electronically one day before a flight to save time and hassle on the day of departure. Not only is early check-in more efficient, once you’ve logged in, you can browse available seating in real time and select the seat you prefer. This simple measure can save you hours of discomfort in a crowded middle seat with minimal leg room.

Check for Points
Before booking, check to see if your airline offers its passengers opportunities to participate in a frequent flier miles or rewards points program. These programs attribute points or certain rewards for each mile or leg of a trip you fly, and can result in benefits like upgrades and credit towards your next flight.  Almost all major airlines, from American Airlines  to Southwest to Delta, offer passengers the opportunity to sign up for a rewards program, so don’t miss out and shop around for a deal that works best for you!

Review Restricted Items
Before packing your luggage or carry-on, avoid potential headache by double checking TSA’s list of prohibited items (which also indicates which items are acceptable in a carry-on and which are acceptable in a checked bag). You may be aware of more obviously restricted items, but did you know you also can’t carry on scissors of certain blade lengths, razors, peroxide, or medication in certain quantities? When a restricted item is identified by security, chances are you won’t see it again. For a full list of prohibited items, check out the TSA website.

Prepare for your next flight with a visit to Z Airport Parking at Bradley International Airport and explore our exceptional parking services and coupons, or make a guaranteed reservation online. We offer 24/7 parking services and are just three quick minutes away from Bradley International Airport! 

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