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Friday, January 30, 2015

3 Tips for Stress-free Travel

If you've ever had a stressful travel experience, then you are not alone. While air travel is supposedly the most convenient way to travel, we often find ourselves dealing with flight delays, long security lines and over-priced airport food. Whether you're traveling for business of pleasure, the experience should be stress-free and enjoyable.

Follow these 3 tips for stress-free travel from Z Airport Parking:

Leave early – How many times have you left your house to soon realize you left something you need at home? This often happens when we're rushing. If you leave behind important documents like your passport, drive's licensee or boarding pass,  you'll have to turn around and go home, which not only adds stress but also could cause you to miss your flight. To avoid these possible scenarios, it's best to leave for the airport early. If you leave early, you won't feel rushed and will be less likely to leave something valuable behind. And, if you were to have to turn around, you'll have enough time to make it to the airport, check in, make it through security and board your flight on time. 

Make copies – Just in case you leave your travel itinerary behind or misplace it during your trip, it's important to make copies. Make copies of everything you need, including your flight and hotel information, passport, schedule and important phone numbers. Once you make copies you can save them on your phone or send them to your email where they're easily accessible. 

Travel light – Whether you're headed on a business trip or tour of Europe, it's best to travel light. While you may think you need 5 pairs of jeans when you're packing, traveling with a lighter bag makes it easier when you have to lug around your bag. Plus, you'll be able to stow it easily on the plane, as well as save time and money by not checking in a bag.

To get a stress-free start to your travels, use Z Airport Parking. Our parking service at the Bradley Airport provides the most affordable rates, a fast and convenient shuttle service and complementary snacks and WiFi. Book your parking reservation today!


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