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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4 Free Travel Apps You Should Download

Whether your next vacation will consist of hitting the slopes or relaxing on a tropical beach, there are many mobile applications out there geared to make planning a vacation and traveling that much easier. We have compiled a list of some of the best travel apps you should utilize for your next trip.


With TripIt, you'll no longer need to sift through your emails to locate your important travel information. TripIt transforms your confirmation emails into a master itinerary, so you can access all your travel information in one convenient place. You can view your itinerary from anywhere and on any device, even when you do not have network access. While TripIt is a free app, TripIt Pro has many additional benefits. TripIt Pro notifies you when there's a better flight seat available, tracks your reward program points in one place, and saves you money with VIP travel benefits.


TripAdvisor is a valuable tool for planning every aspect of your trip, from the destination, flight and lodging to the food, attractions and excursions. TripAdvisor has the world's largest collection of reviews from real people, who provide their honest opinion about restaurants, hotels and travel destinations. TripAdvisor users can also provide an overall rating and upload their personal photos.

Airport Parking Reservations

With Airport Parking Reservations, you can compare the prices and services of various airport parking companies. It includes all U.S. airports and provides a visual map of each airport and their parking lots. Whether you're looking for long term parking at the Bradley Airport or the Oakland Airport, the app will help you locate the best parking service at the cheapest price.

World Lens

World Lens is a useful app for international travelers. The app instantly translates the words it sees into your language. If you are having trouble understanding a street sign or restaurant menu, simply take a picture and the app will translate it in real time. No Internet connection is needed.

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