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Monday, May 11, 2015

Why You Should Be Planning Your Vacation to Europe

If you've always dreamt of traveling to Europe but never got around to it, then now is the time. With rising hotel prices in the U.S. and the euro at its lowest level in more than a decade, right now is arguably the best time to visit Europe. Plus, with declined fuel prices and more budget airlines, international flights are cheaper than usual.  

Consider these top 3 reasons why now is the best time to travel to Europe:

1. Flights are more affordable

The rise of budget airlines, such as WOW Air and Norwegian Air, has made traveling to Europe from the U.S. more affordable. These airlines offer low fares, which are sometimes offered at less than $100 each way. While air travel won't be that cheap during the summer, budget airlines provide much cheaper rates than mainstream airlines.

Before booking your flight, make sure you understand the fees. Most budget airlines charge extra for items like seat selection and baggage, which mainstream carriers provide for free. Pay attention to all of these factors when choosing an airfare carrier.

2. The dollar is worth more than the euro

In January, the euro fell to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar in about a decade. At this time, one euro was equal to $1.19, according to Time.com. Since then, the dollar has grown stronger and most other expenses, such as hotels, restaurants, tours and souvenirs are much cheaper for Americans right now.

3. While U.S. hotel rates increase, hotel prices in Europe are decreasing

From 2013 to 2014, U.S. hotel rates increased by about 5%, and they are expected to climb another 5% to 6% this year. Hotel prices in Europe, however, have decreased. According to TripAdvisor, hotel rooms booked on the site for this summer cost about $133, compared to the average cost of $164 for last summer. The price of a one-week vacation in 24 out of 25 European cities has fallen by 11% since last summer, TripAdvisor also reported.

When planning your European vacation, don’t forget to reserve your airport parking spot at our Bradley Airport long-term parking service. At Z Airport Parking, we provide the most convenient and cheapest parking services at the Bradley Airport. Visit us online to reserve your airport parking and save even more on your European vacation.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

4 Things to Do Before Heading to the Airport

Even if you're a traveler who follows the airport's recommendation of arriving at least two hours before your flight, you may still find yourself rushing to your gate. It's impossible to predict how busy the airport will be on the day you are traveling, and sometimes arriving 2 hours before your flight still isn’t enough. You may get caught up in crowded check-in and security lines, leaving yourself little time to relax or grab a bite to eat. To help you experience a smoother travel experience, follow these steps before heading to the airport.

1. Reserve parking – Taking a cab to the Bradley Airport or parking at an on-site airport parking lot can be costly.  Reserving a parking spot at a reliable Hartford airport parking service ahead of time can help save you time, money and stress. Z Airport Parking is the most convenient and affordable off-site parking service at the airport. Located just minutes away, you can park quickly and have the service's shuttle take you from the parking lot to your terminal in a short three minutes.

2. Check flight status – While you don’t want to have to rush around the airport, you don't want to be stuck there either. To avoid driving to the airport and having to turn back around, check your flight status before you leave the house. Though it's an obvious step, it will tell you if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. Even if you checked your flight status earlier in the day and saw it was delayed, that delay could have been modified.

3. Check in online – The majority of airlines let you check in online 24 hours before your departure. All you have to do is visit the airline's website, submit your name and flight information, and print your boarding pass. You can even pre-pay for your checked baggage, which is often offered at a cheaper rate than at the airport. If you're not checking a bag, you can head straight to security when you arrive at the airport.

4. Put your ID and boarding pass in a convenient place – At the airport, you're going to have to show your ID when you check in and present your ID and boarding pass at security. Rather than having to sift through your bags when the time comes, save yourself some time by putting them in an accessible place before leaving the house.

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