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Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Ways to Take the Worry Out of Air Travel

There is a lot of tension and worry associated with air travel. There are so many things to remember that are outside of your regular routine, you're usually happy if you can just keep track of them all. And that's assuming you don't run into any problems. Every day, air passengers deal with delays, missed flights, cramped seats, long lines, extra fees, the struggle to get home again, and more. Here are some of the best ways to make this whole process easier, so that you can relax and get where you need to go without the worry.

1.       Invest in valet airport parking—What's worse than dealing with all of the many hassles of air travel? Getting back to your car to find it covered in snow, damaged or missing. Of course, you could simply order a taxi to take you, but that's cost prohibitive if you don't live right near the airport, and it doesn't offer any protection for your vehicle while you are away.

There is a better option, however: Z Airport Parking at Bradley provides you with a secure, monitored location in which to keep your car during your trip. Also, if it does happen to snow, you won't have to set your bags down on the wet ground while you dig it out. Our valet service will be more than happy to clean off your car and warm it up so that you can jump right in comfortably.

2.       Remember TSA—TSA is considered a universal hassle, and there are really only two ways to deal with it that leave everyone happy: you can either try to play by the rules and get through quickly or apply for TSA PreCheck. Which of these options makes sense for you will depend largely on how often you travel.

TSA PreCheck gives you access to security fast lanes at airports, allowing you to skip taking off your shoes and only requiring a regular metal detector for your items. The tradeoff is that you have to agree to a thorough background check and actual face-to-face meetings ahead of time to determine that you are a low security risk. Once cleared, though, getting through security from then on will usually be a breeze.

If you travel all of the time, PreCheck might really save you some trouble in the long run; if not, you might simply want to check TSA guidelines for prohibited items (take that Swiss army knife out of your carry-on!), wear easy-to-remove shoes, and have your ID ready.

3.       Check in early—One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good seat (on airlines without assigned seating) and a spot in the overhead for your carry-on is to check in as early as you are allowed. Most airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours before the actual time of the flight, so make sure you are near a computer.

4.       Stick with a carry-on – unless it costs more—The conventional wisdom is that carry-ons are always the better option, and that's usually true with airlines that offer them for free. However, some budget airlines these days charge low prices on tickets with the understanding that everything else will cost you extra – from snacks to carry-ons. These airlines often charge more for a carry-on than a checked bag, meaning that you will either pay a little more to avoid the carousel at the end, or pay less and wait for your bags. If you are allowed a free carry-on, take advantage! It involves less waiting and means that your luggage will never get lost in transit.

5.       Make sure your luggage stands out—Have you ever noticed how many of the bags on the carousel look virtually identical? How much black rolling luggage do manufacturers think that we need? Rather than having to check every single piece that swings by you, invest in some unique luggage in an interesting color or pattern. It will be hard to mistake that bright green for someone else's black bag, and you'll be able to leave the airport more quickly. In a pinch, you could sew an identifying patch or tie a scarf onto your bag to help it stand out.

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