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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cut the Stress Out of Thanksgiving Air Travel

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. About two weeks now millions of Americans will be traveling long distances to visit relatives or vacation over the extended weekend. Thanksgiving is known as the busiest time for travel of the year, and the high volume of travelers can result in undesirable situations, such as traffic jams and flight delays. However, with the right planning, you can cut the stress out of Thanksgiving travel and focus on enjoying your trip. Here are some helpful tips for minimizing stress when traveling over Thanksgiving from our Bradley Airport Parking service.

Give yourself extra time

Last year, AAA anticipated 46 million people would travel on Thanksgiving— the most since 2007. This year, you should expect no different and allow yourself plenty of time to deal with the crowds of other travelers. Generally, it's recommended to arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. But, for Thanksgiving you should arrive up to three hours before your flight to allow time for holiday traffic, parking and airport security.

Check your flight status before you leave

Have you ever arrived at the airport to learn that your flight has been delayed or canceled? It's not a happy feeling. Save yourself the time and stress by checking your flight status before you leave. With the large number of travelers and unpredictable weather conditions that come with this time of year, you should be checking your flight status every 30 minutes before heading to the airport. By staying on top of it, you'll be ready to set up a backup plan should any major issues arise.

Don't check a bag

Sticking with a carry-on suitcase will save you time and money. And, if you have a family, luggage fees can really add up. By sticking to a carry-on and checking in online, you can skip the check-in stage and head straight for security. Most airlines allow two carry-ons per person. So, in one pack all the clothing and personal items you need for the weekend and stow it in the overhead compartment. In your other bag, pack things you need for your flight, such as snacks, charged electronics, an empty water bottle— which can be filled once you make it through security— and other forms of entertainment.

Think about parking

Unless you have a friend who can drive you to the airport, you'll need to drive yourself and park at the airport. On-site airport parking lots will be extremely crowded, making it very difficult if not impossible to get a spot. Save yourself the time, money and hassle by making a guaranteed parking reservation with an off-site parking service. If you're traveling from the Bradley Airport, choose Z Airport Parking. Our Bradley Airport long-term parking rates are unbeatable, and we will make sure you arrive at your airport terminal in a quick and timely fashion.

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